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Utilizing seawater

augustus 10, 2015

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The premise of the salt project is to pump up seawater in arid areas around the world, split them in salt and fresh water, use the fresh water for produce and use the salt for architecture. Easier said than done of course. This flow chart is a visualization of how we can get the most out of the seawater.

First we pump up the seawater with a pipe and pump installation powered by solar power. The seawater is pumped to Seawater Greenhouses (see where crops are grown. The remaining brine goes to salt pans to be turned into salt. Another part of the seawater goes to the algae farming area where starch is grown. The starch and salt form the building material.

For a detailed look of the seawater infrastructure, please click the button on your right. You will find a highly detailed flowchart that outlines the full infrastructure as envisioned in the year 2035.

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